Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Working Can be Suck or Fun?

Working for 9 days continuously, from 10am to 10 pm kinda sucks.

Although the wages is not really bad. But standing the whole day sucks big time.

Actually paint face is a must for my job. But with the long hour of standing and lack of sleep.
I can't be bothered to do that since not much people in the building also.
I even wore jeans, my cream colour sneakers, no pony tail and seldom put on my tag.

So this is how I pass the long hours of being in a small little building.

I visited the pet shop all the time. And I can play with pets all I want.
(Because of me frequently bugging in their shop) =p
But their stuff are suppa nice people.

There are so many puppies. Suppa cute and happy!!

Erm, actually the most happy living creature was me. =p

Sometimes, my cousins and friends will come visit me in my working place too.
So nice of them.

This is my cousin sister /Christ/

/Husky/ and me
I love him the most!!!

creamy colour Mini Poddle 

/notice Husky's eyes are blue and brown/
handsome doggie

And We had high tea at J CO together today
I pampered myself with fruits yogurt.

/Jason/ aka Ah boy was there too!

Apparently, I still need to stand till this Friday. Poor me.

Come Kota Damansara Giant visit me. I've got tons of freebies like shoes bags, Dove Shampoo and  Dove 375ml Conditional to give out.

Come get them!!

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