Friday, July 30, 2010

UM student died while crossing balcony

A spiderman wannabe just died while crossing over to his friend's balcony.
I feel sad and angry when I know about it.
It just happened today, two blocks away from mine. Happened like 4 hours ago while I was still in my room watching drama peacefully.

here's a link for further news.

So the story is, this guy, stays in fifth floor, who forgot to bring his room key.
So he attempted to cross over to his friend's balcony instead. /dunno what's on his mind/

But attempt failed......

This photo was taken from my balcony. It is NOT the exact block. But all four block looked the same.
the illustration height for the incident.

//taken from my balcony//
the length to other balcony is about 2 meter i guess.

So, the moral value is, think before when you attempt to do something you might think it is heroic.

Don't leave your loved ones behind.

Sunday, July 25, 2010

How i feel

How I wish you could feel how i feel. 
Some said letting go can heal everything. But it ain't easy. 

What if I dare to voice out what I think it's right.
Some people are just too scare to stand up what's right but rather follow. 
But at the other side, still talks about how they feel unfair. 
This is hypocrite or what.
Yes, I know this is childish if I voice up what's right or wrong.
But this is me. I do not like to be in the adult's world. 
It's so freaking complicated and selfishness is darn common.
And they kill people life.

Fuck off if you wanna judge me while some of you are hypocrites. 
What if i like to do things that some of you may think it's bad, as long as it makes me feel better.
I rather do it then sitting in my room feeling sorrow and empty.
Rather standing strong.

This piece is my all time favorite. Well composed.
Worth listening too

Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Fullhouse @ Niu Ze Xiu With Mally

Fullhouse Lifestyle Store & Cafe @ Niu Ze Xiu, Ara Damansara

This is not the first time that I dine in. But this is definitely the first time I go with Mally.
And we spent 5 hours chatting and camhoring.
It is always nice to eat with your close friend and spend time together in a nice place like Fullhouse and good food too.

Best time to dine is between 1pm to 4pm. Cause they had food range about between RM14.90 to RM 18.90.

It contain ice lemon tea, thick creamy mushroom soup with almond, main dish and a dessert.

Worth the money right.

this is what i ordered /Dory fish/

Mally had /Carbonara Spaghetti/

suppa huge ice lemon tea
They lasted like 4 hours

I love this cute little sewing machine
but too bad, it is not for sale

how i wish i can have it

Cute little hat on Mal's tiny head

nerdy big specs

most of the items are for sale.
I like this cap, but the price is ...

friendship forever

see how tiny Mal is

this the huge wallpaper outside the building.
Of course, snapping photos is a must. =p

This is so cute, I like this

last snap together before heading home.

I definitely had a great time with Mal. There is so much to catch up and silence will never ever appear between us.

I love you Mal. Please stay pretty and healthy.

Stay tuned for more precious moments to come. =)


Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Working Can be Suck or Fun?

Working for 9 days continuously, from 10am to 10 pm kinda sucks.

Although the wages is not really bad. But standing the whole day sucks big time.

Actually paint face is a must for my job. But with the long hour of standing and lack of sleep.
I can't be bothered to do that since not much people in the building also.
I even wore jeans, my cream colour sneakers, no pony tail and seldom put on my tag.

So this is how I pass the long hours of being in a small little building.

I visited the pet shop all the time. And I can play with pets all I want.
(Because of me frequently bugging in their shop) =p
But their stuff are suppa nice people.

There are so many puppies. Suppa cute and happy!!

Erm, actually the most happy living creature was me. =p

Sometimes, my cousins and friends will come visit me in my working place too.
So nice of them.

This is my cousin sister /Christ/

/Husky/ and me
I love him the most!!!

creamy colour Mini Poddle 

/notice Husky's eyes are blue and brown/
handsome doggie

And We had high tea at J CO together today
I pampered myself with fruits yogurt.

/Jason/ aka Ah boy was there too!

Apparently, I still need to stand till this Friday. Poor me.

Come Kota Damansara Giant visit me. I've got tons of freebies like shoes bags, Dove Shampoo and  Dove 375ml Conditional to give out.

Come get them!!

Sunday, July 11, 2010

Varsity - The next chapter

Checking in to 12th college in 8 hours time. 
I hate cleaning room and moving my stuff every semester.
Just imagine you have to move your stuff in and out, in and out for 6 times in your entire varsity life.
Simply sucks.

Even worst, my rommie doesn't got a place in college.
Means I need to stay with another girl.
Gosh! I need to pray hard for a nice girl.
If not, ...........

How i wish i could just stay in a room for my entire Uni life. 
//Only in my dream I know//

By the way, I just got an offer working as a part time piano teacher in Giza Plaza, Kota Damansara.
And the best thing is, The boss is a Christian. He is from Ipoh also.
AND he is a Michaelian too!!!!!!

I can't believe all of that when we found out that we have so much in common.

Hope I will have great time teaching and enjoy all the coming experiences.

Will be staring work in the coming saturday.
Hehe~ means I got $$
=p =p

Cause I already have stuffs aiming in my mind. 
bleak bleak~

Just hope I could survive long enough thou.

okie, good night people.

great days ahead.

wish me luck!

Thursday, July 8, 2010

Awesome NAVS


Was away to Bukit Tinggi's Selesa Hill Resort for the pass three days.
It was actually a 12 days camp and i joined them the last three days.

But i still have all the fun and I learned much and gained knowledge.

There are 10 handsome and pretty Americans here in Malaysia for 7 weeks.
Guess we all will have fun and learn from each other.

they are Jeff, Alex, Taylor, Eric, Joel, Steve
Lydia, Dana, Danielle and Tanya.

let's meet them and the local us, the Malaysians!

/Dana/ /Teddy/



/Taylor/ /Kai Sin/







/Carey/ /Kai Sin/
the cekap camera Canon D50's owner

/Rowan/ /Ming/ /Wen Shiow/

/Me/ /Wen Sieow/

/Alex/ /Joel/ /Ooi/
praising the almighty 

one of the session we had.

/Taylor show me the funny look/
cause i took too much photos =p

delicious porridge for breakfast

one of the fun game we had in the pool.
we had 'Shark' and 'Marco Polo'
Tell you, we had so much fun!!!
you guys should try them.

/Keng Yin/
my mentor that always fill my spirit

from this last this minute camp. I definitely learn alot.
I had Jesus who comfort me when I'm sorrow. 

Many unpleasant stuff happen for the past one year.
I admit that I let the evil take over me. 
I am so tired of being strong and I let myself to do whatever I like without thinking much.
Even tried many unhealthy stuff just to fill my time.
Well, I know it's bad but there is nothing I can do about it. 

But thank God that He held me back.
Guess that I still need time to heal my bitter heart.

I believe for the coming one month. We will have more fun and quality time together.

Stay tuned.

There are more to come.

God brings us together, for a purpose.