Sunday, July 25, 2010

How i feel

How I wish you could feel how i feel. 
Some said letting go can heal everything. But it ain't easy. 

What if I dare to voice out what I think it's right.
Some people are just too scare to stand up what's right but rather follow. 
But at the other side, still talks about how they feel unfair. 
This is hypocrite or what.
Yes, I know this is childish if I voice up what's right or wrong.
But this is me. I do not like to be in the adult's world. 
It's so freaking complicated and selfishness is darn common.
And they kill people life.

Fuck off if you wanna judge me while some of you are hypocrites. 
What if i like to do things that some of you may think it's bad, as long as it makes me feel better.
I rather do it then sitting in my room feeling sorrow and empty.
Rather standing strong.

This piece is my all time favorite. Well composed.
Worth listening too


  1. DO what you think its best. I'm on your side for this. Have a stand! that's what makes you you. Some people are just too afraid of what others might think blablabla.

    I am sure this also one of those bad days. Don't dwell in it too long. Like what you told me, it can poison you.

    I wish we stayed closeby. that way we can keep each other company. together emo lol. Carey, you can overcome this too! <3

  2. Do what you think is right, but as always as long as you do not harm yourself and others, i will always support you. screw those people who judge u, we can never make everyone happy anyway..

    juney and carey, jangan la emo banyak banyak tak baik untuk kesihatan la..

    love u gals =)


  3. HAHA siewwei. mmg betul bad for health!
    Love you lots!

    i like the line
    we can never ake everyone happy.
    you bnyk words of wisdom lately. :))
    what happen to bloggging cik oi!

  4. What wont kill you will only make you stronger :) Nuff said.

    Love you girl. You are one strong babe, you know it yourself. Maybe it is one of those days again where you're rolling down the hill. And at the end, you pick up to yourself and stand up stronger. I know you will. See, you have tonnes of support from me, Juney and Shiewwei :))


  5. Thanks to all my pretty loving darlings.

    heart you all very much

    muakz muakz
    i know can always count on you girls