Thursday, July 8, 2010

Awesome NAVS


Was away to Bukit Tinggi's Selesa Hill Resort for the pass three days.
It was actually a 12 days camp and i joined them the last three days.

But i still have all the fun and I learned much and gained knowledge.

There are 10 handsome and pretty Americans here in Malaysia for 7 weeks.
Guess we all will have fun and learn from each other.

they are Jeff, Alex, Taylor, Eric, Joel, Steve
Lydia, Dana, Danielle and Tanya.

let's meet them and the local us, the Malaysians!

/Dana/ /Teddy/



/Taylor/ /Kai Sin/







/Carey/ /Kai Sin/
the cekap camera Canon D50's owner

/Rowan/ /Ming/ /Wen Shiow/

/Me/ /Wen Sieow/

/Alex/ /Joel/ /Ooi/
praising the almighty 

one of the session we had.

/Taylor show me the funny look/
cause i took too much photos =p

delicious porridge for breakfast

one of the fun game we had in the pool.
we had 'Shark' and 'Marco Polo'
Tell you, we had so much fun!!!
you guys should try them.

/Keng Yin/
my mentor that always fill my spirit

from this last this minute camp. I definitely learn alot.
I had Jesus who comfort me when I'm sorrow. 

Many unpleasant stuff happen for the past one year.
I admit that I let the evil take over me. 
I am so tired of being strong and I let myself to do whatever I like without thinking much.
Even tried many unhealthy stuff just to fill my time.
Well, I know it's bad but there is nothing I can do about it. 

But thank God that He held me back.
Guess that I still need time to heal my bitter heart.

I believe for the coming one month. We will have more fun and quality time together.

Stay tuned.

There are more to come.

God brings us together, for a purpose.


  1. Good to see those last few paragraphs (:

  2. nice blog carey =)Glad to see you grow in this camp.

  3. nice to see you all happy and sweeet :) that makes you even prettier!