Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Simply Cherish

First time went out together with Mally, Siew Wei and June last Wednesday.
Driving them to The Curve is kinda stress(in a good way of course). 
I even washed, cleaned and vacuumed my car the day before. =p

because meeting new people always make me nervous. blek~

But we definitely had great time together!

Let the fun begins.

After collecting them in various places. We headed straight to IKEA for lunch.
I never get bored with IKEA's food. It is my all time favorite.
Good price and DELICIOUS!

/me/ /siew wei/

/Mally/ /June/

before she meets us, she went to Bangsa, Mid Valley and bla bla bla. All on public transport.
Superb! and she still look gorgeous 

and we snap snap snap

/siew wei/ /mally/

/Mal/ /Siew Wei/ /June/

/Siew Wei/ /Mally/ /me/

and then we walked into this place. 
stayed quite sometime in there.

this girl hor, give us very good price.
but actually i practically make noise like nobody's business

and so we take picture since we get quite some stuff from there
this is June with the big leopard bow

cute magnifying glass necklace 

/mal/ with our new toys!

me and my hair extension.
I'm kinda crazy with long curly hair but my hair jz won't grow. sob sob
so I got myself some of them.

the amount of the hair i got for myself.
looks kinda geli
but I like it

/June/ in her new accessories.

/Siew Wei/

this June hor, so pretty lo. So tall some more. 
Suppa like her hair style which I always wanted to had that.
But I know my problem le. =p 

we in the masquerade masks

we camwhored so so so so so so long.
we practically camwhored with all the nice stuff in the shop
but thank god that the staff not saying anything.
lucky us!

/Siew Wei/ /Carey/ /June/ /Mally/

Guess what?!

We even got the chance to choose our free gifts in the huge glass pot!
and we got to take whatever we like in there. 
And i took like more then 10 ear rings. blek~

and we are happy with what we have!
some more the price is so freaking good!

me ar, happy like shit lor

Mally took this while I'm eating curry puff.

then we had Chocolate @ The Curve 
the ice cream we had just cost RM 1.50.
even better then Mc Dodonalds' Sundae. 

Four of us shared two ice creams.
so loving right~

finally the four of us!

*melt for you girls*

thank you girls for the fun time we had.
We should do it again!


~simply cherish~

Friday, June 25, 2010

Dear Me, in the Year 2012

+ Remember your goal. Do whatever it takes to do what you want in your life.
+ Tell Mum and Dad that you love them. They love you and you know they do.
+ No ploblem can’t be solved with a little confrontation. Eventually, they make you grow stronger and mature.
+ Do not be afraid to tell the truth.
+ Do not kill lifes unless they are suffering. Simply capture and relocate them.
+ Nothing is worth killing yourself over. Not even love. Come to think of it, not even hate.
+ Do not jump to conclusion, and do not assume things.
+ Be humble and care for others.
+ Things aren’t always as they seem. Try to see things through you heart. 
+ Do not regret on everything you do.
+ Love or be loved. Live and let live.
+ When someone hurts you, tell them. Don’t hide. You are completely entitled to your emotion.
+ Things will happen as they will/should. Maybe not as you planned, but, hey, nothing ever will.

I blogged this post way back to September 2005.

I realized that I am actually talking to myself. I mean now.

Well ya, I do already accomplished some of them. But for some of them, I just can't accept the fact that things will not be go as your wish and dream. I just too stubborn not to accept the fact that something just went wrong. No matter how much you wish, how much you beg or how much you wanna die to just make things back right. The world just ain't stop for you.

This is how I felt. A hole that will never be what is used to be. Time does not heal everything. It will just fade away. And the feeling is just the same. Can't be heal but to forget.

+ Things will happen as they will/should. Maybe not as you planned, but, hey, nothing ever will.

Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Movies and Dramas addicted

Was talking to my rommie ealier. She complained about me for poisoning her with tons of movies, hong kong,english and korean series. (in a good way of course)

One thing that we are in common is we both like to watch movie and series. I handed her 'House'- a famous medical tv series for the time being. (hope I'm not wrong). I was telling her how we gain knowledge from it. Eventually she got addicted and finished the lastest season which i still stuck on season 2. Muahaha~ noob me

One korean drama that we both really like is "You're beautiful".

in fact, all my course mates love it. It is a must watch drama of the year.

Apparently we watched lotsa movie and series. Can say i watch every single day. I will on my lappie first thing i step into my room.

Wonder how's my result? Erm, i still study of course. In fact, my results are getting better and better from every semester. Don't ask me why, simply because I don't know. And I'm not smart and a nerd k. But i think I have SUPPA NICE roomie and friends to study together.

And the best thing is, i go out every week, weekdays to weekends. Of course, I spent money like nobody's business. But hey, at least im happy with it. Parties and food is my current interest right now besides movie.

my lovely roomie /Amy/

/Cyrus/ korean culture lover

/me/ /cyrus/ /jia bing/

Finally, me and my rommie

Our three year of uni gonna start next months. Which means choosing a thesis title time is here. Arghh!! I hate to think about that. Hopefully everything will goes well.

Monday, June 21, 2010


It's kinda weird that im having difficulties to find my old dusty blog. It's because i hardly blog. =p
Well, i once told a person that i only blog when im sad. well, it's quite true.

but nehhh, i blog because im talkative. hehe~

After months of god-knows-what, im still searching for life. The purpose of living life.
There are not a day i feel fully happy that i used to be. Life kinda sucks right now. But im definitely not wasting my 20s.

Hell yes!

Im too young to die now.