Thursday, August 12, 2010

Slash @ Sunway Lagoon

Went to mind blowing Slash concert on 5th August 2010.
Thanks Eudora babe and Yen Loong for the last minute cheap ticket. Haha~
was blessed with a good super awesome live band concert ever

Good sound system, skills and what a great talent that all the musicians have.

anyway, was able to catch up with Kumara and Clarence. Definitely make a good night out with them.

couple tees i would say

meet the me and the kumara.
Michaelians rockxx!!

It was around 6.15pm, the crowd still patiently waiting.
Oh ya, I think the dress code was black that day.
Haha~ at least my hair is black. So, I still fit in. =p

We bumped into few friends there!
/Clarence/ /Devaraj/ /Kumara/ /me/

/Mohannan/ /Kumara/ /Clarence/ /Sarah/

okay, done with faces. hehe~

so here's the concert!

local guest performers.
Sorry, i really don't who they are. But I think they played well.

here's the SLASH!!!
photo taken by Eudora

photo taken by Eudora

can you see how packed that day was?
And the things is, most of the audiences are guys.
Imagine the sweat !!!!!
I was short and I was gasping for oxygen in the mist of the people.
Poor me.
We were all sweating like mad cow. But the music was godlike!

I finally got the chance to see how great slash is.
His skills on his pretty guitar was crazy.
He can play without any mistake at scary speed. crazy crazy crazy!!!!

and finally....

Great night out with my old friends. 
Definitely a unforgettable moment.