Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Movies and Dramas addicted

Was talking to my rommie ealier. She complained about me for poisoning her with tons of movies, hong kong,english and korean series. (in a good way of course)

One thing that we are in common is we both like to watch movie and series. I handed her 'House'- a famous medical tv series for the time being. (hope I'm not wrong). I was telling her how we gain knowledge from it. Eventually she got addicted and finished the lastest season which i still stuck on season 2. Muahaha~ noob me

One korean drama that we both really like is "You're beautiful".

in fact, all my course mates love it. It is a must watch drama of the year.

Apparently we watched lotsa movie and series. Can say i watch every single day. I will on my lappie first thing i step into my room.

Wonder how's my result? Erm, i still study of course. In fact, my results are getting better and better from every semester. Don't ask me why, simply because I don't know. And I'm not smart and a nerd k. But i think I have SUPPA NICE roomie and friends to study together.

And the best thing is, i go out every week, weekdays to weekends. Of course, I spent money like nobody's business. But hey, at least im happy with it. Parties and food is my current interest right now besides movie.

my lovely roomie /Amy/

/Cyrus/ korean culture lover

/me/ /cyrus/ /jia bing/

Finally, me and my rommie

Our three year of uni gonna start next months. Which means choosing a thesis title time is here. Arghh!! I hate to think about that. Hopefully everything will goes well.

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