Friday, June 25, 2010

Dear Me, in the Year 2012

+ Remember your goal. Do whatever it takes to do what you want in your life.
+ Tell Mum and Dad that you love them. They love you and you know they do.
+ No ploblem can’t be solved with a little confrontation. Eventually, they make you grow stronger and mature.
+ Do not be afraid to tell the truth.
+ Do not kill lifes unless they are suffering. Simply capture and relocate them.
+ Nothing is worth killing yourself over. Not even love. Come to think of it, not even hate.
+ Do not jump to conclusion, and do not assume things.
+ Be humble and care for others.
+ Things aren’t always as they seem. Try to see things through you heart. 
+ Do not regret on everything you do.
+ Love or be loved. Live and let live.
+ When someone hurts you, tell them. Don’t hide. You are completely entitled to your emotion.
+ Things will happen as they will/should. Maybe not as you planned, but, hey, nothing ever will.

I blogged this post way back to September 2005.

I realized that I am actually talking to myself. I mean now.

Well ya, I do already accomplished some of them. But for some of them, I just can't accept the fact that things will not be go as your wish and dream. I just too stubborn not to accept the fact that something just went wrong. No matter how much you wish, how much you beg or how much you wanna die to just make things back right. The world just ain't stop for you.

This is how I felt. A hole that will never be what is used to be. Time does not heal everything. It will just fade away. And the feeling is just the same. Can't be heal but to forget.

+ Things will happen as they will/should. Maybe not as you planned, but, hey, nothing ever will.


  1. You DID NOT write this. I wrote it in 1999 at which point it was PUBLISHED in a book. I ask that you take this down immediately as you are plagiarizing MY WORK. If you continue to take credit for this, I will sue you for copyright infringement and theft of intellectual property.
    Raine McLeod

  2. Dear Raine McLeod,

    May I see where you wrote it in 1999 as I would like to have my blog remain. Until I see where you had it written in 1999, I would like to keep it posted as it is my personal memories.

    Thank you

  3. Go purchase the book called "The Secret Life of Teens" and then tell me you wrote it, plagiarizer.