Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Fullhouse @ Niu Ze Xiu With Mally

Fullhouse Lifestyle Store & Cafe @ Niu Ze Xiu, Ara Damansara

This is not the first time that I dine in. But this is definitely the first time I go with Mally.
And we spent 5 hours chatting and camhoring.
It is always nice to eat with your close friend and spend time together in a nice place like Fullhouse and good food too.

Best time to dine is between 1pm to 4pm. Cause they had food range about between RM14.90 to RM 18.90.

It contain ice lemon tea, thick creamy mushroom soup with almond, main dish and a dessert.

Worth the money right.

this is what i ordered /Dory fish/

Mally had /Carbonara Spaghetti/

suppa huge ice lemon tea
They lasted like 4 hours

I love this cute little sewing machine
but too bad, it is not for sale

how i wish i can have it

Cute little hat on Mal's tiny head

nerdy big specs

most of the items are for sale.
I like this cap, but the price is ...

friendship forever

see how tiny Mal is

this the huge wallpaper outside the building.
Of course, snapping photos is a must. =p

This is so cute, I like this

last snap together before heading home.

I definitely had a great time with Mal. There is so much to catch up and silence will never ever appear between us.

I love you Mal. Please stay pretty and healthy.

Stay tuned for more precious moments to come. =)



  1. OMG Carey! So help me I will cry! Such a beautiful post and the editing, PERFECT! :) I love the friends forever picture! And I love you to so so so so muchhh! Definitely there will be no silence between us. After this no more shy shy to take pictures and camwhore with me okie? Thanks Carey, for everything and for being such a darling! You're always taking care of me. I guess I am super lucky to have a friend / hot momma like you. Loves! xxxxx

    P.S : I had a great time too! Most definitely more to come. Next time we ajak the girlies, June and Shiewwei kays. Muahh muahh! :D

  2. i so miss catching up with you girls suddenly!!!!!!!!=s..cant wait for another outing..hopefully i am not that busy!!!!! love u all!!

  3. sure can! I will be staying in kl for long.
    ANd mally ar, you so hak hei la.
    Friends do things with love and sincere heart.