Monday, July 5, 2010

Something Creative

What I have been doing during the holidays?
Well, i travel mostly from KL to Ipoh, Ipoh to KL (for few times). haha~
what to do, I'm bored ma.

Sometimes i will help in my aunty shop. As a cashier of course.
Everyday see $$, till i crazy.
But it is damn fun. You can bargain and all. 
Can kurangkan harga if you want. (But mostly it is the customer who want it)

It is fun when you can 'simply' press the calculator. *dee dok dee dok* 
then *deeeee* $$

damn fun!!

The shop sell all sort of thread, ribbon, bunga telur, flowers and bla bla bla.
We also help customers to fulfill their needs like present box, display flower and etc.

This is one of the things i made for an Indian couple. 
It is one of the gift that the groom for the bride.

/for the rings/
rose petals will be in the cage 

2nd item

/jewelry box/ 
with two dove on it
I know it looks kinda empty, but fresh rose petals will decorate the base. I am sure it will be lovely.

the colorful rainbow threads

Another thing I made out of boredom 

lovely ribbon hair band 


5 of them!!

/mina/ /dina/
purple for mina and blue for dina
oh ya, dina helped me to wrap two of them. She can do better than me.
but i made all the ribbons and sew the diamonds. 

posing for the brand new created hairband by me
/leeza/ /dina/ /mina/ /me/

my new pink toy

/miss purple/ /miss pink/ /miss red/

suppa happy with the result

final question: Should I make more and sell it?


  1. wauuuuuuuuuuuuu nais,
    i love. you can sell them alright.
    but carey before that, teach me :DD

  2. I want one! :))) So pretty okayyyy! I want beige colour since I already have red. Mommay pweeseeee!!!!! @.@

  3. i love hand work! you must promise to teach me! <3 thank you careyrey

  4. lol~
    sure, i need to go find the colour and find time to sneak into my aunt's shop.

  5. hey nice stuffs there~ i want one too!!!=) teach me teach me