Friday, July 30, 2010

UM student died while crossing balcony

A spiderman wannabe just died while crossing over to his friend's balcony.
I feel sad and angry when I know about it.
It just happened today, two blocks away from mine. Happened like 4 hours ago while I was still in my room watching drama peacefully.

here's a link for further news.

So the story is, this guy, stays in fifth floor, who forgot to bring his room key.
So he attempted to cross over to his friend's balcony instead. /dunno what's on his mind/

But attempt failed......

This photo was taken from my balcony. It is NOT the exact block. But all four block looked the same.
the illustration height for the incident.

//taken from my balcony//
the length to other balcony is about 2 meter i guess.

So, the moral value is, think before when you attempt to do something you might think it is heroic.

Don't leave your loved ones behind.


  1. why the student do like this? why din use the door go to his frenz but using balcony???

  2. SO STUPID. Haih. What a waste. May his soul RIP.

  3. speechless. so not cool. i hope it wasnt a dare or something

  4. Hello! Just my point of view, it is not STUPID like what Malessa mentioned. you gotta admit that guys are guys. Of course I don't say it is a smart move either. If I was his age, I may do the same thing. I can understand why he just jumped balcony to balcony cause I think I have a similar characteristics.

    I nearly died jumping off a moving vehicle and I was fortunate that I was not knocked by any vehicle. Why did I do that? That wwas just for fun. Some guys are into this just for fun. it's just that sometimes the danger is not realised or noticed.

    I hope he RIP !

  5. dear display name, stupid is a word to describe his unthoughtful action.
    Yes, i do admit when we were young, we tend to do things for the sake of fun. And we are all lucky enough to survive.

    May God bless he and his loved ones.

  6. when u escaped from injury or death, of cz u would say that.May he RIP.