Friday, October 29, 2010

Dvorak Slavonic Dance performed by Amy and Me

me and my best buddy, Amy, playing Dvorak Slavonic Dance No2 and No8 together during 4hands piano recital examination.
It was performed during our second year in UM, 2009.
Practicing together was kind of hard for me. Cause we have to be so called share the same heartbeat. Time to prepare for the pieces was limited too, when there are tons of pieces and assignments to prepare. But overall I'm quite happy that we made it through. I enjoy spending time practicing with her.

I wish to dedicate this post for Amy. She's my listener whenever I need someone to listen to my 'speech'. =p Simply because I talk too much. Yes, I am. 

here's the video of us playing the well known awesome happy pieces together.
The beginning is not here due to technical problem. =)
Although It's not that good. But we had tried our best!!!

Dvorak Slavonic Dance No2 and No8


  1. wow memorable moment! my dear Carey, it is my pleasure as ur listener anyway! coz u r like story teller, and i am like the kid, amazed by your interesting and colourful story and dramas.

  2. a great swimmer and a musician. AWESOME one carey