Wednesday, October 27, 2010

my busiest week for the semester.

It's week 14 for my 3rd year 1st semester, which is also my final week.

most my exams are jammed all in this week and most of all, UM swimming competition is here once more. I know I'm not a state swimmer nor a national swimmer. But having two medals in my belt makes fly high. Even thou there is a national swimmer who got 10 gold medals in a night. (open my jaw wide) I know, she is the best of all.
But I am super happy and contented on my achievement. Haha~ and I can sleep in peace.

Anyway, for a normal person, he or she may feel stress out and dying to make the week disappear or something. But for me, I felt so occupied and full. Which i think, 'live life to the max' came into my mind. I am glad that I had a busy week which I quite enjoy the process. Earlier on the semester, actually I did nothing much.

Anyhow, gotta study for tomorrow's exam.

Night people

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