Monday, September 27, 2010

Redang retreat with families. Post #1

I went Redang Island for the second time during this Raya. This time I went to a different beach. A
Aunts got a room for my family at the Berjaya Redang Resort.
Spending time with your close ones are always the best memory you can ever wished for.

Lying at the sun bed was totally heaven-like.
No worries but clear blue sky and the sound of the wave.

Lucky me, a close friend of mine borrowed his brand new camera.
So the result was awesome. At least this is what i think.
I love taking photos for everything. Mine camera used to be awesome and i love it. But ever since, an accident occur on it. It became retarded.
Planning to get a new one, but still under consideration and am working hard for a new camera. hehe~

Sitting in the car for 8 hours from kl to Terengganu was pain in ass. It was a rainy night. I saw at least 4 accidents along the journey. One car flew off a cliff, one turned up side down and so on.

And it was CRAZY!!!!

The first thing we all did when we landed the resort.

Of course, the white sand, blue sea and clear blue sky.
Totally amazing!

The path before our rooms


I love lotus shower from the top.
Feels like rain pouring down

Di di eating maggi cup happily

Chris and me


While they are noom noom noom, and me busying chak chak chak

and so, after feeding ourselves, we headed to the beach and pool

Di Di vs Jessie


And the snorkeling part

Uncle was smart, he prepared a super big bag of dry bread to feed the fish.

We stuffed the bread into bottle for better feeding moment =p

Look how many were they

Bro manage to attract a pair of big fishes with bread in bottle

A slimy creature. Very geli


When we were heading back to our room, suddenly my lil cousins saw crabs.
Yes crabs. So we all decided to catch some.

evil us

One of the crabs they had captured. 
Of course, we send them back to the sea later on.

And so, dinner is the resort's restaurant.

These Indonesian musicians sang beautiful songs for us.
felt like a vip

Another spice to add to the hit hat section.
A very creative idea I would say =)

Mommy pray everytime before she had her meal

My daddy who loves me dearly. So do I 

this is my 1st day of redang for the raya.
Abit sad cause I missed my friends' open house. Missed the awesome raya food.

The second day in Redang Island will be on my post #2 



  1. WOW....i seriously tot u got DSLR mannnn LOL
    btw, nice pics =)

  2. awesome pics! what awesome cam is that?
    and you look
    AWESOME OF CUS :D fantastic i want to go tooooooooooooooo

  3. wa carey <3 hahaha! u look great and those pictures were even greater as well as the scenery!!

  4. teik, thank you.
    It's my friends dslr and another camera is from cousin.

  5. June, thanks for ya compliment.
    I'm using Nikon D90 and Sony TX5.
    And hor, the local said if want go Redang, do go asap. Cuase the coral is dying. Getting lesser d =(

  6. Eujin, long time no see. Where have you been?

  7. Babe! Awesomeeee pictures there and I loved the picture of you on the beach :) Lovely! Come we go group trip to redang one day okie? OHH MYY GAAWWDD! I entered the contest to win the Sony TX5 but unfortunately I didnt win. Pfftt! Abso love that cam! Underwater picsssss! :DD Glad you had so much fun dear! xx

  8. yes I am. I enjoy to the max.
    It's so peaceful when im in redang. No worries.
    yeah, we should do a trip !!! =)