Thursday, January 27, 2011

Aquaria KLCC with my favorite person

I always wanted to go KLCC Aquaria and Petrosains someday since years ago.
It's kinda hard to invite friends to go those places, well, it's more to a children or family activity. That's why.
Anyway, I manage to con Amy Darling to go with me. 
It wasn't the first time for her, well she goes because she loves me. =p *perasan*

I feel blessed! thank you Amy.

Welcome to Aquaria!!!

first fish i see // Piranah // 

It's feeding time, food in his hand

Imagine what if you were in there. 


I'm amazed ! Check out the size of the fishes.
And they send in people to feed them. Just like a baby.

it's kind of funny to see him take down which fish has eaten. 
And how many each of them eat. 

at least I know she's enjoying the big tank

*mouth wide open*

HUGE stringray

ok la, i still having trouble using my camera. Mind being my tutor?

Jelly fish!

Of all the living fishes around, I have no idea why we took this picture. 
since a good Samaritan helps us capture this, so i think it's nice to post this. 

I think this is hilarious

Muak Muak

Not enough with the tank, we decided to go for a second row

i made her to pose with the thin little long limbs Monkey
know the reason? =p

Isn't she adorable? 

 We spent more than 4 hours in there.

I had a great day spending with ya! Awesome day out

Love you dear Amy


  1. Had a great outing with you also that day :D, having fresh experience of watching the diver feeding those huge fishes....and thank you for taking nice photo of me ahahah! Next time hope tat i have learn up the shooting and capture ur most pretty face :p. Blessed to have u cheer me up by ur cold jokes, lame jokes, dramatic dreams etc.......

  2. awwww that is so sweet amy. Muak!
    If i were a man, i will surely make you my girlfriend.

  3. Dear Ms Carey,

    I'm a travel writer. I wish to use one of the photos here to include it in a travel blog post titled : A Perfect Day Out in KLCC for Travelers to increase the awareness of Kuala Lumpur and to showcase the beauty of it. Please let me know if I am able to, and if so, are there are any procedures that you would like me to fulfill before using it?

    Kindly reach me back at schairiney.arts (at) gmail (dot) com.

    Thank you.